Professional locksmith services in France

We provide professional locksmith services in France! Our locksmith company has a high qualified team of locksmiths all over France, available at any time of day or night, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We ensure you that our locksmiths are devoted to providing you with professional service and high quality materials while being reasonably priced. Our company puts customer’s needs first, and its main goal is customer’s satisfaction.


Our locksmiths speak French and also English, therefore you can rest assured that there will be no language barrier in the way of completing your locksmithing work.

Locksmith services

Our locksmith company in France provides a wide range of locksmith services. You can trust the quality of our locksmiths’ work. Here is a short list of our locksmith services in France:

Lock installation (door lock install, window lock install, digital lock install, padlock install, alarm install, master lock install, filing cabinet lock install, automatic gate install, mul t lock install, deadbolt lock install)

Lock change (door lock change, window lock change, digital lock change, padlock change, filing cabinet lock change, mailbox lock change, burglary lock change, key combination change)

Lock open (door lock open, window lock open, digital lock open, padlock open, master lock open, security lock open, break in lock open, key combination open etc) Lock picking (combination lock picking safe picking, door lock picking, padlock picking, master lock picking, locked house picking etc)

Lock replacement (door lock replace, window lock replace, master lock replace, VAT system replace, padlock replace, mailbox lock replace break in lock replacement etc)


Also, do not hesitate to contact us for any lock re-key, master re-key, file cabinet lock, alarm system installation, alarm system repair, duplicate key, lost key or any other locksmith service in France.

Emergency locksmith services in France

Time is crucial when you are facing an emergency such as:

Locking Yourself Out : in this situation you are definitely facing a locksmith situation. Even though it does not seem to be a real emergency, not being able to get into your car, home or office is definitely annoying and disturbing and may become a real danger to your personal security.

Lost Keys: this particular situation can seem totally common, and it is true that your ‘lost’ key might turn a few days later into a misplaced key. But, if you are not able to quickly find the key you should not wait anymore and ask a locksmith emergency services to intervene for a lock replacement.

Our locksmiths are specialists in lock picking, door unlocking and emergency vehicle opening. They will intervene shortly to handle professionally your locksmith emergency.

In addition, we offer a free estimate, before any locksmithing work is commenced, of the total cost of your intervention.


Fill in our online locksmith contact form or give us a call at  01 86 98 34 05

, and a locksmith will be with in no time to take care of your urgent locksmithing problem!


We provide locksmith services in Paris and all across France

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